Bionew USA Corporation has been a leader in the Electronic Recycling Industry since 2004. Our mission is to provide a zero waste solution to our customers. Bionew USA Corporation recycles computers, related equipment, metal scrap, Telecom equipment and all electronic waste, helping our customers meet all state and federal regulations.

   Our services provided include logistics, customized data destruction, and electronic waste recycling. Customers range from corporate users of computers or electronics, members of the import or export companies and individuals. Bionew USA Corporation has over 500 customers, more than 10 employees, and over 30,000 ft of warehouse facilities in Georgia. We have locations across the US including Georgia, Califoria(Ontario Branch) and virtual branch in Texas, Florida, and New Jersey.

   Bionew USA Corporation is a US subsidiary of PT. Sundoly, located in Ngoro-Mojokerto, East Java Province, Indonesia. We were established in 2004. We specialize in metal scrapping and telecom and computer equipment recycling.

   Currently our business is running at 5 million USD per year. We collect, sort and recycle telecom, computer equipment and metals scrap. Our business is expected to grow steadily because there is greater demand of raw material worldwide.